Biography Aosta Valley

John Paul II on the occasion of the celebration of the Eucharist in Montfleury blesses the foundation stone of the monastery of Quart.

John Paul II reaches the Sanctuary of Barmasc and in front of him ten thousand people speak about Our Lady and the mountain.

Visit on the Matterhorn and mass in the town of Breuil dedicated to the fallen and veterans of the campaigns of Albania, Russia and Greece.

Visit to Cogne and celebration of the mesa and marian prayer of the Angelus – visit to Gran Paradiso

The pontiff recites The Angelus on Sunday 16 July from the balcony of the House of Les Combes

The recitation of the Angelus from the little house in les Combes that has hosted him several times was the only official appointment, but during his stay in the Valley there is also a videoconference connection with the two thousand priests gathered in Yomoussoukro, Ivory Coast for the usual International Meeting of Priests.

It has now become customary, to the great pleasure of the people of Introd and the whole valley, to return to Les Combes from where he celebrates two Angelus and speaks of the mountain, so loved by him, as a school of life. In fact, in the mountains as in life, it is often necessary to struggle and learn to help each other to reach the goal.

From his beloved les Combes the Pope celebrates the Angelus remembering that holidays should not only be a period of well-deserved rest but also a moment of inner enrichment and reflection.

In the Angelus the Pontiff dedicated a special thought to the mayors and families affected by the flood that caused the deaths of many people in the autumn of 2000, urging them to persevere in the reconstruction with a spirit of trust and solidarity.

To the surprise and joy of the people of Valle d’Aosta, John Paul II came to our mountains for the last time. Even on this occasion, despite the fact that he was very ill, the Holy Father gave us all a great teaching of life, a teaching different from the touching speeches he had given us in the past, a silent teaching, made up of gestures, inner strength and great faith through which he lived with the sufferings that struck him, showing the whole world how much he cared about his task as a messenger of Christ.
The theme of silence as a precious good for prayer, today increasingly rare, was taken up again in the Angelus celebrated at Les Combes.